A serious foot fetish.


Yes. I have one. Well, I love my feet to be played with. I’m not sure how I feel about GUYS feet. but i like GIRLS feet. ahh. sweet memories.

I’m listening to Sara Bareilles. I love her music. So girly, and honest, and wonderful. I’m debating whether I want to watch more House, or more Gilmore Girls. I have a lot of writing to get done tonight, but I’m goofing around on here instead. Glad to know I take the tasks at hand seriously. 🙂 I had a sugar-free amp, so I’m wired. And am debating between green tea and hot chocolate. Hm…

I’ll take you on a simple tour of my house right now. Walk in the door, and take off your shoes. You’ll find a stack of Chuck Taylor’s there. You can see my christmas tree well lit, that I forget to unplug, so its ALWAYS on. and slightly crooked from falling over constantly. It has a pretty purple star on top, and lots of green, blue, and purple bulbs, lights, and decorations. My house smells like apple cinnamon, and is sometimes immaculate. Most of the time, organized chaos.

I have my pc set up in the corner with my laptop on the desk next to it so I can multi task. I have my glasses on like a nerd.

And am going to find something to eat.
good night!


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A new hobby…

So most of you know I’m a huge fan of movies.  And my taste is incredibly eclectic.  I recently watched Akeelah and the Bee.  It was so inspiring!  I found myself playing scrabble half way through it by myself.

What you may not know about me…

After a bad day, I make myself a cup of tea, put on a chick flick, and play scrabble by myself.

And I discovered the neatest thing!  Scrabble online.  I’m learning more words than I have before, and am getting so much better!  I’m even thinking about joining a scrabble club.   I’d also like to start a new sport… Any suggestions?  I was thinking something along the lines of either soccer or tennis.

Favorite song at the moment:  What if you, by Josh Radin.  I’ve been listening to it on repeat the past few days.  I have it stuck in my head, and I’m visualizing a story of two lovers kissing, and making love one evening.   Its on my myspace if you’d like to hear it.   I’m too romantic for my own good.

I’m also nerdily watching Grey’s Anatomy over again to prepare for the season to start again.

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Desperately Seeking something….

Before the sun. Drove to the beach, stereo blasting. As I get closer I can smell the ocean. I love California. I walked down to my favorite thinking bench, my green and white blanket wrapped around my shoulders. Watched the sun rise behind me. Wondered what I’m doing with my life. Yes. I get to have an epiphany every once in a while.
“who doesn’t long for, someone to hold. Who knows how to love you, without being told.”

What do I want in a soulmate? What do I dream of in a partner? Can I find a man with the romantic passion that I need? That allows my kinks and infamous sex addiction? The man I get weak in the knees for just seeing him across a crowded room. The love that great men like Sinatra, and Nat King Cole taught me to dream of. When one night I dream of kissing and making love, then the next I need a four hour session to get by? Looking back I have a star crossed battle between the sweet girl and the sex fiend.

Last week I went on a sex binge. I drug my friend into the dressing room to get some before my scene, then had the obvious sex in my boy/girl scene. I then took my friend back in the bathroom for our second stint of the day. After that I needed more. I was craving more. Lollipop in mouth I drove to another friends house for another hour session. Yes. You’ve added them correctly, four sessions in one afternoon. From 11 am to 5 pm. And I came… Its not from lack of satisfaction. I then went home and vibed myself to sleep. Mr. Pink and I had a great evening. That’s my vibrator. We’re spending more and more time together. I think I’m desperately trying to find that match I had previously. The man who’d take me after a scene and tear me in half. Who I’d drive an hour and a half just to have wild crazy sex then drive home. I’ve never felt sexier than on top of him. And I’m submissive, I love to be the bottom. But he made me feel so confident up there. Now he’s so far away. We seem to miss each others calls more and more these days the busier I get. Just hearing his voice on my messages I get wet and a little weak. I miss him terribly. And I think. HOW fucking lame I must be.

I didn’t have love with him, not even lust. He was just another guy to get my rocks off. I want roses, and candles. I want kisses and dancing in the rain. But can I find a guy to give me all of this, that also wants to share our bed with another girl? That’ll choke me and pull my hair. That will take me the minute we walk through the door, just lift my skirt and get me off. So sunrise, this is it. What kid am I going to grow up to be? The sex addict looking for the next orgasm… Or the sweet girl who wants a promise ring and a dozen roses? Can’t I be both?

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GOOD morning Lielani.

So the new boyfriend came over as a pleasant surprise this morning… As I’m getting out of the shower I hear a knock at the door. I see him through my peep hole and invite him in. He almost knocks me over he kisses me so hard and passionately, he throws my towel down and drags me to my room. I’m tearing his clothes off of him and drop to my knees to thank him for my surprise…

I love my life.

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Free Fallin’

I’ve been a busy bee. Have lots to catch you guys up on, and well. Just a lot. I’m finding the time to blog before I hit the gym this morning. I’ve been seriously trying to give up soda, but looking at the Diet Cherry Coke next to me, I suck at it. I’m listening to Tom Petty and am a little home sick. I have a big day of emailing, running errands, maybe hitting the pool for a little bit. I’m reading a couple books right now, Lolita and Stumbling on Happiness. They’re both awesome. Here’s a pic… gotta run. But I will be back later toinght with more…


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My pc crashed on me this week! With all my passwords saved on the damn thing it took me a while to get up and running again. BUT I am. I’ll write more tonight about my Fourth of July escapades, my random stranger sex, and my girlfriends naughty night.



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Dinner with my Urban Family

My urban family is a collection of kids who all live in my area, who’ve all come together to take care of each other. We eat together, bowl together, and well. Are family.

So we ate dinner together. And then? went to the porn shop. I bought my first anal plug. Its pink and plastic. I played with it last night! Its so fun. Spanky’s is my FAVORITE porn shop in the area. I love it. They take good care of me. that’s why I go back again and again. I also found a couple of my movies there. 😉

Fun stuff.

Going out again right now… Time to slap some makeup on and a sexy dress.

Write you tomorrow…



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A nice surprise…

Here’s an update in my life. I currently don’t have time for boyfriends as they require a great deal of attention and time, neither of which I have these days. But we all know I’m a nymphomaniac. I masturbate multiple times every night before bed, and set my alarm early in the morning so I can get myself off a few times before I hit the shower. I recently learned that when you put Lithium and Titanium batteries in your vibrator it intensifies the experience. I originally started porn because I get turned on while having my picture taken, and get off knowing that people watching me are getting off. I love my scenes because I’m into them. I get pissed off when I get to set and the girl doesn’t like sex, and crave it like I do. Every whimper and moan that escapes her mouth is fake and well. It sucks. I only vibe my clit when I masturbate because I like the intensity when something is finally in shoved in me. It sends me over the edge. I crave eye contact, and need a connection with intercourse. Although I have to admit every once in a while I love random sexual encounters where nothing is said, clothes are ripped off, we have sex like animals, and then I leave without saying a word.

So back to the point, I have no boyfriend. Its been a while since I’ve gotten what I need. I had an afternoon full of errands and things to do, and was pleasantly surprised to come home to find my semi-girlfriend naked in my bed. We’re known for our naked naps. She was lying face down, the beautiful curve of her ass accentuated by the sheets. I kiss her cheek, the move the blonde hair off her neck kiss her exposed skin. She opens her beautiful blue eyes and looks cum drunk. I see my vibe lying next to her on the pillow. We kiss, as she gently pulls off my clothes. We play, then fall asleep tangled in each other.

The Ideal Naked Nap. 🙂

Maybe if you’re good I’ll show you some pics of her. She’s not in the industry so she’s a bit shy…

Time for me to get some rest… Sweet dreams!


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What an EFFIN nice day.

So its B-E-A-U-tiful out today. Woke up to a nice breeze going through my room. Made myself a cup of joe, then watched Studio 60. Cleaned my room up a bit, now its time to cruise to the park. I’m meeting some friends for some kickball… Yes. Kickball. Good times for all. After we’re going to clean up, catch dinner and a flick.

Can’t wait to tell you all about it! 😉


PS. I collect hats. Here’s a pic of my NEW one. Isn’t it lovely!

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Day One KIDS.

First Blog on my new site. Still learning coding, uploading, and all other geeky stuff. I’m hoping to have my blog and online store up and running sometime this week! 😉 Here’s what’s up tonight.

I’m at home playing Sudoku and drinking coffee. Just made another pot. Just black with a splash of vanilla creamer, no extra sugar ;-). I’m watching my Adam Sandler collection of movies and have made it through Click and 50 First Dates so far. Next up is the Wedding Singer. For those new to my blog 25 things you should know about me…

1. My favorite ice cream is Dulce de Leche or Mint chocolate chip.

2. I love In-n-out and Greek Food. Separately.

3. I love the ocean, the smell of the water, the feel of the sand in my toes.

4. My favorite part of my face are my eyes and lips.

5. I dream of visiting Paris and Australia someday, and filling my passport.

6. Pink is my favorite color.

7. I heart nerdy-geeky- boys.

8. I read the following magazines: Pink, Wired, Digital Photography and Print.

9. I want to make the world a better place.

10. My hero’s are Einstein, Audrey Hepburn, Amelia Earhart, and Steven Hawking.

11. I listen to pop, country, rock, alternative, and punk. No metal or rap.

12. I watch movies to escape the real world, and can appreciate good cinematography and story development.

13. I HEART porn. But not the rock and roll lifestyle.

14. I’m straightedge which means no alcohol, drugs, or smoking. My vice is sex.

15. I’m not looking for a boyfriend, and this is not a personal ad.

16. Learning is a passion of mine.

17. My feet are well kept because I like them to look pretty.

18. I’m terribly ticklish.

19. I’m Hawaiian, Chinese, English, and French.

20. I’m very choosy when it comes to crushing on girls.

21. I like pick-up trucks.

22. I grew up in Montana and Colorado.

23. I love to visit Hawaii as often as possible.

24. I have a pet rat. Evangelina.

25. Dogs are better than cats in my opinion. Especially retrievers.

Better get some rest… Maybe if you’re good I’ll write more later. Feel free to comment what you like to read about so I can keep you cumming back for more. 😉

xo Li

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