A nice surprise…

June 25, 2007 lielani

Here’s an update in my life. I currently don’t have time for boyfriends as they require a great deal of attention and time, neither of which I have these days. But we all know I’m a nymphomaniac. I masturbate multiple times every night before bed, and set my alarm early in the morning so I can get myself off a few times before I hit the shower. I recently learned that when you put Lithium and Titanium batteries in your vibrator it intensifies the experience. I originally started porn because I get turned on while having my picture taken, and get off knowing that people watching me are getting off. I love my scenes because I’m into them. I get pissed off when I get to set and the girl doesn’t like sex, and crave it like I do. Every whimper and moan that escapes her mouth is fake and well. It sucks. I only vibe my clit when I masturbate because I like the intensity when something is finally in shoved in me. It sends me over the edge. I crave eye contact, and need a connection with intercourse. Although I have to admit every once in a while I love random sexual encounters where nothing is said, clothes are ripped off, we have sex like animals, and then I leave without saying a word.

So back to the point, I have no boyfriend. Its been a while since I’ve gotten what I need. I had an afternoon full of errands and things to do, and was pleasantly surprised to come home to find my semi-girlfriend naked in my bed. We’re known for our naked naps. She was lying face down, the beautiful curve of her ass accentuated by the sheets. I kiss her cheek, the move the blonde hair off her neck kiss her exposed skin. She opens her beautiful blue eyes and looks cum drunk. I see my vibe lying next to her on the pillow. We kiss, as she gently pulls off my clothes. We play, then fall asleep tangled in each other.

The Ideal Naked Nap. 🙂

Maybe if you’re good I’ll show you some pics of her. She’s not in the industry so she’s a bit shy…

Time for me to get some rest… Sweet dreams!


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  • 1. stevenfl  |  June 25, 2007 at 2:30 pm

    aww sounds like fun/i wish i could be there to help to hehe/ur a real sweetheart never change

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